Add addon doman and configure on domain provider


You buyed domain but now trying find a way to add it in MAXKO Web Hostng. We can done it by change nameservers on domain hoster.



If you already write buyed domain name at MAXKO Hosting registration skip to number 4
  1. LOGIN at your MAXKO Hosting account and click CPanel icon.
    CPanel Add Domain
  3. Write new domain name, subdomain leave as default writed. For document root you can write public_html/tutorials. Click ADD DOMAIN
    CPanel Add Domain
  4. Now when we finished with Cpanel it is time to login on domain hoster. In tutorial we are using GoDaddy as example.
    GoDaddy Login
  5. Go on MY PRODUCTS and find your domain name. Near domain name click DNS button.
    GoDaddy Login
  6. Scroll down and click CHANGE NAMESERVERS. Choose type CUSTOM and write nameservers NS1.MAXKO-HOSTING.COM and NS2.MAXKO-HOSTING.COM all others nameservers can be deleted
    GoDaddy Nameserver Change
  7. Click SAVE button
  8. You can make a test by open new addon domain in browser. Domain provider sometime need few hours to process NAMESRVERS.